Equis Commits to Fostering Community Well-being and Promoting Inclusivity

Energy Infrastructure Australia, a subsidiary of Equis Australia, is Australia’s largest dedicated BESS developer and investor.

Equis is committed to fostering community well-being and promoting inclusivity in all initiatives across MREH.

Equis has set aside community benefits funding across MREH's operation period for a range of diverse initiatives encompassing youth scholarships, sporting funds, residents' welfare, First Nation arts, cultural programs and country partnerships. This financial support is dedicated to address historical challenges and support local communities within Melton, Hume, and Brimbank.

Equis has also partnered with Kinaway-The Victorian Aboriginal Chamber of Commerce to support local First Nation engagement in its supply chain. Equis will develop a Supplier Resource Kit, providing essential tools and contacts to enhance First Nation participation outcomes, such as employment and collaboration with First Nation businesses.